Bringing experienced, fresh and actionable vision to your product, every week.

Are you having a hard time identifying what your customers want? Are you adding new features on a weekly basis, but you are experiencing low engagement by your customers? Are you struggling to ship good quality products on time?

Let me help you improve the UX of your product or service. One week at a time. After 10+ years working as a UX lead, I can help you structure the processes, make you more efficient and give you tips on how to work on the right things to make the experience of your product enjoyable.

Each weekly session are personalised and adapted to your particular needs, but here are a few specific topics I've covered in the past:

How you can you benefit from this weekly sessions?

This is for you if...


Money back warranted if you are not happy with the results during the first month of collaboration. No question asked!



Free 30-mins call where we get to know each other and I can help you with anything design and/or product related.


  • One 1-hour meeting per week.
  • Outcome shared after each session.


  • Two 1-hour meetings per week.
  • Outcome shared after each session.