Let's build an awesome B2B SaaS, together.

UI/UX and Product consultant and entrepreneur.

I'm Jose Bautista, a UI/UX Designer and Entrepreneur helping B2B SaaS companies and startups all over the world from Barcelona, Spain.

My clients are B2B SaaS startups who hire me to:

Jose had the ability to quickly understand Heylog’s target customer and their needs, and was able to quickly prototype and build solutions that solve our customer’s needs. Furthermore, his exceptional communication skills, hands-on approach, and seamless remote collaboration make him an absolute pleasure to work with.
Bernhard Hauser — CEO and Co-founder of heylog.com
We worked with Jose on designing our enterprise SaaS software from scratch, and we’re delighted with the results. Jose quickly understood our complex product, value proposition and target customer, and used a robust workflow that allowed us to work with him remotely smoothly and efficiently. We’re looking forward to partner up with him on upcoming projects. Great experience and highly recommended!
Haider Imam, CEO of culturbook.io
Haider Imam — CEO and Co-founder of Culturbook.io
Jose had the ability to quickly understand the value proposition of my service, and his report has helped us to effectively build a more consistent and solid user experience.
Steve McLeod, Founder of Feature Upvote and Saber Feedback
Steve McLeod — Founder of FeatureUpvote and SaberFeedback
Jose's overarching concern is delivering a product that meets the user's needs. He goes an extra mile to understand your business goals, your customers goals and incorporates that into the product experience. He is very approachable and communicative. His talent and level of skill exceeded our expectations.
Ibon Pintado from Repl.ai
Ibon Pintado — Head of Product at Reply.ai
The early rapid prototyping and wireframing was essential in helping us work out the organisation system and forms the foundation for the going forward product design.
Madeleine Evans from Levell.io
Madeleine Evans — Founder & CEO Levell

Who am I anyway?

Jose Bautista, Product designer consultant and entrepeneur.

Over 10+ years I’ve helped 20+ SaaS companies find market fit and grow their revenue. I’ve also built a few tech startups along the way too.

When we work together, you're getting someone who: