User testing to create experiences that get real results.

I'll create a test plan and bring in 5 new users to test your site, app or prototype to determinate wether your users:

This type of research is exceptionally important with new products or new design updates: without it, you may be stuck with a design process that your team members understand, but your target audience will not.

To design the best UX, pay attention to what users do, not what they say. Self-reported claims are unreliable, as are user speculations about future behavior. Users do not know what they want.

Are you experiencing any of these design-related problems in your SaaS business?

Your time and resources are limited. User testing help you invest your resources effectively, so you can launch a successful product and continue to make iterations that your customers love.

You can either get user feedback early in your development process, or you can get it after launch - but you can’t avoid it forever.

The fastest, easiest and most affordable way to understand what your users really want

Your site or app can benefit from usability testing no matter where it is in the development process, from prototyping all the way to the finished product. You can also continue to test the user experience as you iterate and improve your product over time.

With my user testing approach, you will be able to:

What type of test should you run?

Every business is different and every business has its own challenges, but here are a few test examples can help you improve your product and your business:

You should consider using this service if…

What would you get?

The ultimate deliverable is a document presented as pdf report with the following material:

How much does it cost?

Running a user testing session with 5 users currently costs 1129€ 849€* during COVID-19. You’ll receive the sessions recorded and the detailed pdf report with the conclusions in 10 business days.

* If you bring your own users. In case we need to recruit users for the sessions, contact me.

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